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Thank you, Josi

02.07.21 05:42 AM Comment(s) By Kirkland FC

Kirkland FC has been fortunate to have Josi Evangelista oversee first-team responsibilities for the 2021 season up to this point. He led the Goats to a 3-4-3 record in the league, gathering 13 points in a tough season bouncing back from COVID, and guided his team to a quarter-final finish in the Washington State Super Cup. 

"I was over the moon when the possibility of bringing Josi onboard became an option," said owner Trent Siedenburg." I have known Josi for a long time. I know how he manages teams and how he leads people. It was a perfect fit. The beginning of the season was a tough start, but he and the team found their stride. Though we are sad to see him go, we wish him the best in his endeavors as he rejoins Northwest University as an assistant coach for the men's team." 

Due to scheduling constraints, Evangelista was unable to make coaching the Goats and coaching at Northwest mesh. Kirkland FC will take a short break in July but will resume training and games in a few weeks with former assistant coach Cooper Gray taking the helm. Gray previously played at Northwest University and was a member of Kirkland FC's 2018 title-winning team. Gray quickly took up coaching after college and has been the Goat's assistant coach for the 2021 season.

"It's great to have good people around you when situations like this come up, and Cooper is a great fit to step into the head coaching role," Siedenburg explains. "Josi has done a great job of mentoring, and Cooper has taken to coaching at this level very quickly. He will have a couple of weeks to prepare, sort the team roster out, and hit the ground running with the remaining games left in our schedule. The players and staff know Cooper well and are excited to work with him. He has remained involved in training sessions and game days. We are excited to see what he can do in his new role!" 

Gray had the following to say on his appointment; "I appreciate the faith that has been given to me by Trent and the club. I have been working with the guys all season, and I am ready to step in and keep pushing towards the end of the season. I am excited to take on this responsibility and see what we can do together!"

Kirkland FC has four matches remaining in the 2021 regular season and one guaranteed game in the WWPL post-season tournament expected to start in late September/early October. 

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