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Keeping your child active and engaged during COVID

25.09.20 11:27 PM Comment(s) By Kirkland FC

We get it, it's not easy.


Before COVID, it wasn't hard for parents to get their kids into programs and sports to keep them active. Between school and sports, most of a kid's day was taken up. But as every parent has experienced starting this fall, it's tough not being able to send their kids to school or put them in sports. 

Clubs have done their best to keep the engagement, but of course it's not the same. Nothing will be the same! 

What has made things even worse is now parents and children alike have to strive even harder to be engaged in the little interaction they have with other people. Zoom school, social distanced soccer practices and other related social distanced activities make learning more difficult and less engaging.


Here at Kirkland FC however, we think there is a solution to this, and it has been around for a long time: private coaching. 

There are tons of reasons why a child should participate in team sports. Social interaction, learning how to be a team player, communication and others are all great reasons. But when that is inhibited by something like COVID, they meaning of it all starts to diminish. With one-on-one or small group sessions however, kids will start to get that direct coaching and feedback that is necessary to grow in sports (and in life) while maintaining social distancing guidelines. 

Here are some of the ways that private coaching can help elevate a child's game: 

  • More targeted approach to a child's strengths and weaknesses
  • Quicker real time feedback
  • Ability to focus all the energy into one or two specific actions that are being trained
  • Coaches don't miss as much because there is less they have to observe


At Kirkland FC, we call private coaching "shrinking the training space". Literally shrinking the training space (field size) keeps a player more focused on the specific tasks set forth by his or her coach. In this space, greater repetition is achieved and learning happens quicker than it does on a full field. 

In a session, a player focuses on one to three parts of what the coach has identified as points of emphasis. These points of emphasis are not always parts of the game that need improvement, they are also the parts that a player does well. Our coaches reinforce the good parts of a players' game while elevating the parts that are not as developed by targeted, measured coaching. 


The big question is: how does private coaching help my child on the field. We are excited to share this with you!

The advantage that a player gets from private coaching is consistency. Our coaches train the small, but extremely important parts of your child's game that they will be using every time they step on the field. Kirkland FC coaches train these actions so that they become muscle memory to a player, so when they step on the field they are not thinking about making a good pass or head checking. They just do it. This unlocks them to be able to elevate their game and be more creative on the field because they are not worrying about making mistakes. 

One disclaimer!!! Your child will still make a bad pass. It's going to happen, you see the pro's do it all the time. But the difference is the amount of times your child will make a bad pass or a series of bad passes will start to diminish. These are things coaches want to see and depend on players to do day in and day out at any level. 


If you are ready to take that step with your child, you can inquire about our coaches HERE. Let's not spoil our time during this pandemic, let's use it to get better!

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